Sal Illiano was born in a quaint town in Southern Italy (Cappella, Naples) where he lived with his parents and four brothers and sisters. It was a modest home, built brick-by-brick by his dad Giuseppe, with breath taking panoramic views of Capri.

While life for Sal and his siblings was good, his parents were driven to provide their children with a prosperous future and so decided to move to America – the land of opportunity. Leaving Cappella was not easy for Sal’s parents but they knew it was best for their children. In 1976, at the age of 16, Sal and his family arrived at Kennedy Airport where they were greeted by his uncle Mike, who would take them back to Brooklyn, New York. It was there that Sal began his career in the restaurant business.

Over the next several years Sal would work in a number of restaurants developing his expertise in Italian cuisine and restaurant management. Finally, in 1981, Sal bought his first Pizzeria in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Driven by the spirit that his parents had instilled in him, Sal would purchase a second larger pizzeria which he would proudly manage for seven years.




In 1988, during a trip to Italy Sal would meet a lovely young woman from Monte di Procida who would change his life forever. Sal and Graziella would settle in lovely Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where they continue to raise their two children, Joey and Gianfranco.


A few years later, recognizing an opportunity, Sal purchased A&S Pizza located at 1501 Edgely Road, Levittown, PA.






A&S Pizza is known for its food and customer service.



Over the last several years they have won several awards including best cheese steaks and grilled chicken salads. A&S pizza serves a variety of dishes including gourmet pizzas made with the freshest of ingredients.

So bring your appetite and come enjoy a friendly atmosphere and great food at fair prices.